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Why Purchase from YOUOU?

We are a high-end sex doll manufacturer and retailer focused on product quality and user experience. Our factory is located in China and has overseas warehouses in the US and Europe. Youou Doll focuses on product development and user experience. Our mission is to help you to live your sexual dreams true and satisfy your sexual needs. We offer ready-made tpe doll & smart doll selection and custom sex doll options.

What is a sex doll ?

Life like sex dolls are your best home companion and bosom friend. No matter you like to be single but want to enjoy sex & love, or you need to practice and experience more posture to find your favorite one. YOUOU doll is your best choice.

All of our sex dolls are made of TPE silicone material,so the touch or the look feeling is no different from the real woman, that can make you feel more involved. In addition, we have as many as 500 different types of dolls, you can customize the type of dolls you like, and keep your dream lover accompany you every day.

How to use a sex doll ?

Youou focuses on the good experience between adult doll and customers. The design of our doll’s 3 positions allows you to experiment with a variety of postures. They are more likely to meet all your sexual needs. Moreover, you can enjoy these beauties according to your favorite posture or the position you want to practice. Besides, we have smart pronunciation dolls and regular tpe sex dolls. You can consider which product to buy based on your needs and budget. Click here to see Youou sex doll videos !

How to clean a sex doll ?

We recommend cleaning your doll directly after every use and dolls should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks as a minimum (Regardless of usage).

Use clean tepid water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands (Just like you would clean a real person.)You can shower or bathe your doll.

Be sure not to allow the neck getting water inside. This is to prevent the inside part and keep your youou doll reliable .
Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.
Click here to see Youou sex doll cleaning videos !

How much does a sex doll cost ?

We are the manufacturer of high-end tpe sex dolls. We don’t have middlemen and importers to earn the difference so that we sell them to you at cost. You will be very happy to realize that our love dolls are not only of high quality but also cheap. Our dolls range in price from $399 to $1999, you can choose your sex doll based on your budget and preferences.

How to store a sex doll ?

Our product packaging is a thick carton and foam , which can be used repeatedly. If you want to put your dolls away, you can put them in the original package box of the doll after cleaning, or you can buy some protective bags with good protection to store them .


custom tpe sex doll

At Youou ,We accept 3 types of sex doll customization. These three types include: Normal Sex DollMoaning Sex Doll and Smart Sex Doll.

At this stage, we only accept TPE sex dolls. Silicone love dolls are still under development and will be updated and launched in the future.

Normal sex doll customization is the most common plan. We provide three kinds of customized solutions for dolls:

  1. you can freely combine your ideal doll through the shape and head shape of our existing dolls .
  2. customize the head of your doll with our existing doll shapes .
  3. Full custom doll.

Combine your dolls plan :

Free combination of our existing doll shapes and head shapes to customize your dream doll is the fastest and most convenient customization solution. You can contact us for a quote by browsing our doll’s head shape and profile information page. Once the order is confirmed, we will produce and ship your doll within two weeks.

Custom sex doll head + existing doll shape plan :

Using our existing doll shape, custom doll head is the most economical doll customization solution. This solution is the best choice for those customers who only have requirements on the doll’s head shape and face shape, but not on the body. The customized doll head and the existing doll body can be combined into a beautiful customized doll. Besides, only customizing the doll’s head will greatly reduce the production time of the doll, and the customization cost will be greatly reduced.

Fully customized doll plan :

This customized solution is suitable for customers who have high requirements for all aspects of custom doll data. We can accept fully customized doll orders, but we do not accept unauthorized, agreed doll orders. At the same time, our company is not responsible for all legal liabilities arising from custom dolls. Please contact us for details.

  • Moaning Sex Doll

Youou custom moaning sex doll is to add two moaning vocal parts to the basic doll. She will moan automatically when you start using the doll. If you want to customize your moaning sex doll or want to know more about specific cost and information, please contact us.

Youou smart sex doll model refers to the addition of app control functions (available for ios and Android) under the existing functions of the basic doll, which can be heated, sounded, activated with audible contacts, voice replacement (currently only Chinese , Other languages are under development) to make your doll more intelligent and real. If you want to customize smart dolls or want to know more about specific cost and information, please contact us.