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Here are some questions and answers about regular tpe sex dolls ,Japanese sex dolls and custom sex dolls. You can find the answers through the question drop-down arrow in the following categories. If you do not find the love doll question you want to ask, please contact Youou doll support for a help.

Regular sex dolls 

I have requirements on the shape of sex doll, how do I find it?

Yes. You can choose your favorite love doll shape through the drop-down arrow collections of our navigation bar (please click the column button in the upper left corner of the mobile terminal). Besides,here are our popular collections, you can click the link to buy : 

How many sex doll vagina depths do you have ?

We have 3 sex doll vagina depths for options .Mini sex doll( 100cm 3ft2) ’s vagina depth is 12~14 cm , adult sex doll has 2 choices : 140cm – 157cm ( 4ft7 – 5ft2) love doll’s vagina is 15-17cm; above 158cm (5ft 2) love doll ‘s vagina depth is 17 -18.5cm .

What's in the package you sent ?
  • Sex doll
  • Clothes (Random, different from product picture clothes)
  • Wig  (Random,if you need same as model please mark it when you checkout )
  • Cleaning pot
  • Heating rod

a photo of youou tpe sex doll package

What is the size of my doll clothes ?

You can choose according to the size of our love doll description. For example, the small tpe sex doll is 100cm, you can choose children’s size clothes, other adult love doll models can buy underwear and clothes according to the size of the bra cup .

What about the doll material ?

Most dolls are tpe sex dolls . Our dolls are made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans.  Besides, we offer silicone material for option .

How to store my sex doll ?

Our product packaging is a thick carton and foam, which can be used repeatedly. If you want to put your dolls away, you can put them in the original package box of the doll after cleaning, or you can buy some protective bags with good protection to store them . See some solutions of how to store a sex doll .

How to clean my doll ?

We recommend cleaning your doll directly after every use and dolls should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks as a minimum (Regardless of usage).

Use clean tepid water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands (Just like you would clean a real person.)You can shower or bathe your doll.
Be sure not to allow the neck getting water inside. This is to prevent the inside part and keep your youou doll reliable .

Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.

Click here to see Youou sex doll cleaning videos !

Do you have any sex doll videos to see doll's details ?

Yes ,we have lots of sex doll videos for you to see our doll details and quality .No matter hot sale Japanese sex doll ,custom sex doll ,small sex doll or even male sex dolls ,you can check the doll videos and see what you will get . Please go to our sex doll videos collection for more information.

I want to learn about the sound function of the doll .

Youou moaning sex doll is to add two moaning vocal parts to the basic doll. She will moan automatically when you start using the doll.

I want to know the function of smart sex doll .

Youou smart sex doll model refers to the addition of app control functions (available for ios and Android) under the existing functions of the basic doll, which can be heated, sounded, activated with audible contacts, voice replacement (currently only Chinese , Other languages are under development) to make your doll more intelligent and real.

Custom sex dolls

What's the meaning of four custom sex doll options on the product page ?

We provide four different doll customization options, such as doll eye color selection, doll skin color selection, doll vagina type selection and whether it is a standable doll. You can choose your ideal doll according to your own needs.

a picture of custom sex doll options

Can I change the tpe doll head into silicone ?

If you change tpe sex doll head material into silicone, the price will be higher $500 .

Can I provide pictures and datas to customize my own doll ?

Sure ! We are a sex doll manufacturer and we can accept a full sex doll custom solution . For more details you can go to our ” custom a sex doll ” page .

Can I assemble different body and head shape by myself ?

Yes , you can assemble your dream love doll from our current tpe sex doll head s and bodies .

a photo of Youou sex doll heada photo of Youou sex doll body

About Shippment

Where does it ship ?

We have 3 warehouses ( US warehouse ,EU warehouse and CN warehouse )and will ship your package from your nearest warehouse. However sometimes if the love doll you need is out of stock ,we will ship from China warehouse directly .

Is the product I selected abailable in the US warehouse ?

If it is in our ship from us collection selection, they are all in stock. But our inventory is constantly updated every day, if the US warehouse is out of stock, we will contact you in time to get a solution.

ship from us collection

When will my goods ship ?

Normal products will need only 3 working days for preparing. If the product is out of stock or customized, it needs 7 to 15 days of production period, and then it will be sent from our Chinese warehouse.

How long can I get my package ?

Shipped from our US warehouse or European warehouse, it usually takes 3 to 10 days to complete delivery; if it is shipped from our China warehouse, it is usually completed within one month .

Can I pick up the package ?

Yes. Please note that you need to mention it when placing an order, and fill in the address of the FedEx store closest to you. We will ship to there directly and once the package arrives there, they will give you a call to pick up the package .

Why my logistics tracking number is not updated ?

Affected by the COVID-19 situation and the speed of your local customs clearance, packages may be updated for a bit long time. This does not mean that we have not shipped the goods. Some countries (such as Germany) if goods ship from our China warehouse, the tracking number will be updated after customs clearance, please be patient.

Why I do not receive the logistics order number information after I paid ?

Generally, orders will be shipped within 3 days. At the same time, we have dozens of orders to send and send the logistics information of the orders per day, sometimes it may miss sending you logistics information. Although it rarely happens, if you have not received the logistics order number more than 5 days after placing the order, please contact us.

About Payment

What are the payment methods ?

We accept Paypal and credit card payment terms .

payment terms

Do you support installment payment ( Pay a part of payment first , no need to pay the full amount ) ?

Sorry we don’t provide this service at the moment, but you can pay by credit card .

Is online payment safe ?

The payment plug-ins we use are downloaded directly from the official website. Your personal information will not be retained during the process of entering payment information and after completion. During this process, we will not participate in your payment, only you dock with Paypal yourself. So this is 100% safe .

Do you have money-back guarantee ?

Yes we have money-back guarantee and refund service . For more details please go to our Sex Doll Guarantee & Refund page .


Can I change the product I just paid ?

Usually, we will ship the package according to your order details. If the products you purchased are out of stock, we will promptly communicate with you about replacement. If you want to change the goods, please confirm with us within 24 hours, we provide the exchange service before sending out.

Does your doll have quality guarantee ?

We are a factory that produces tpe sex dolls ourselves, this is the reason why our prices are so competitive. In the same level of love doll suppliers, we dare to guarantee our dolls are the best quality. At Youou doll, you don’t have to worry about budget, you can definitely buy dream love sex dolls with us.

What should I do if I have quality problems after receiving the goods?

Please contact us within 48 hours when you received our package, and attach a picture or video to explain the problem, we will solve it asap for you.

How to register a menber ?

Please click on “My Account” in the upper right corner (For mobile, please click the drop-down menu arrow in the upper left corner to find “My Account” ) and follow the step to become our member .

a photo of how to become a Youou member

Will you disclose my personal information ?

No . All your personal information is only used as transportation information and member information, and will not be used for other commercial purposes .

Will new and old customers have different discount ?

New Youou doll customers will generally have a 10% discount point, and old Youou doll customers will have a 12% discount point.

I want to be your distributor ,is there any discount ?

Sure ,please contact us for more details .

Youou affiliate plan

We plan to provide a Youou doll affiliate program in the near future. If you join us and forward your corresponding affiliate links, and someone buys a Youou doll from them, you will get a 3-7% discount!