5 reasons you need to buy a sex doll

If the realism of the sex doll combined with the fantasies you can explore isn’t enough, today I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons to buy a realistic sex doll and why you need one in your life.

Everyone has their different reasons for wanting to buy a sex doll, the reasons below may miss out your reason but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter if yours is different, we all have the same thing in common and that’s how awesome the sex dolls are. If you want to share your reason for wanting to buy a sex doll, put it in the comments below.

Reason 1: Live Out Your Fantasies

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a sex doll allows you to live out your wildest dreams without the need of involving anyone else and bringing all sorts of complications into your life.

Your fantasies will be different to mine but whether that’s fucking a woman with D breasts or a woman with a different heritage to yours, it can all be done easily and consistently with a sex doll.

Using a sex doll to live out your fantasies is much safer than doing it with real people and it gives you the ability to explore new things whenever you want too.

Reason 2: Release Whenever You Want It

Being able to cum inside a realistic vagina whenever I want too is pure freedom to me and feels so much better than a plain wank.

fucking a sex doll

For me the release whenever I want it is worth every penny. Just like using a vibrator, one of these fleshlight, this male masturbator or any other sex toy offers a release, sex doll does that for me.

Reason 3: Companionship

One of the reasons I have found that a lot of people buy sex dolls is for the companionship. It may sound strange if you don’t understand it but for some people getting a partner is much harder for the average person and having a sex doll helps them fill that void.

fucking a sex doll

I have said it so much but sex dolls are so realistic that it can sometimes feel like someone is really in the bed with you. I can totally understand how some people use these dolls for companionship, they each have individual quirks and although not 100% healthy it is something people do and is a reason why people buy sex dolls.

Reason 4: Sex Dolls Are Loyal

It may seem like a strange reason but a lot of people buy a sex doll because they are totally loyal and devoted to you. They aren’t going to cheat on you and nor will they lose interest in you. This specific thing is a big reason why people buy sex dolls, in a world where cheating is fairly OK and normal some people love the idea of complete loyalty with their sex doll.

fucking a sex doll

Reason 5: No risk of pregnancy/STI’s

One of the biggest reasons that couples and solo users love sex dolls is that there is no risk or pregnancy or STI’s. Some people are also quite grossed out by STD/STI’s and would rather just opt to have sex with their sex doll to ensure they stay clean and aren’t at risk whenever they have sex. Other hate the idea of having children and know they never ever run that risk by fucking a sex doll.

fucking a sex doll

Whatever your reason for buying a sex doll, you won’t be alone and someone out there will completely agree with you. If you want to leave your reasons below please do so as I love hearing about other people and why they have opted to buy one of these magnificent realistic sex dolls.