Are sex dolls better than women?

In some ways , a real life like sex doll is better than women .

In fact , I bought myself one and have managed to connect with my sex doll . Unlike any other blow up doll , mine is made of tpe .

At one time in my life , women acted terrible towards me and have done nasty things that I’ve disagreed with . Unhappy with my experience with women , I retreated back to my house and had only the internet as my companion .

real life like sex doll

After making the internet as my companion , I became lonely and thus made porn as my sexual partner . Once porn became my woman , I was jacking off constantly .

As time progressed , porn was losing its luster and I wasn’t as turned on anymore . That moment , I began browsing around , trying to find porn that would turn me on , that is until I came across a website that sold tpe sex dolls .

Fascinated , I visited the website , and lo and behold , I was shown tpe sex dolls that were very lifelike . Within that instant , I was fascinated and wanted to purchase one .

After further study of the website , I learned that the tpe sex dolls I was after was at least five grand or more . But because I was feeling rather lonely , I wasn’t put off by the price and chose to work hard and save for one .

For weeks on end , I worked my ass off until I was able to save enough money to buy one . When I was ready to make my purchase , I looked carefully in the website , trying to piece together my ideal doll .

Since I was infatuated with a young porn star at the time , I made my bbw sex doll closely resemble her .

After making that final purchase , I waited a few days until I received my real life like sex doll .

Then , when my order finally came through my door and I opened that crate , I was amazed at how beautiful my new partner is . Within that instant , I unstrapped my new woman from my crate , took her upstairs to my bedroom and slept with her .

Since then , I’ve always been happy and had never sought a relationship with a real woman . In fact , my sex doll feels so real , that it’s like she’s talking to me while we’re in bed whispering compliments in my ear .

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