Are sex dolls worth it ?

Many people have questions, do I need to buy a sex doll ? TPE Silicone doll or inflatable doll, which one is more suitable for me?

During the COVIA-19 epidemic, many people will buy a variety of sex toys to enjoy sex. Sex doll is one of their favour sex toys . She has a life-like figure and appearance, and a realistic touch. While enjoying all kinds of sex, she also seems to be accompanied by someone.

So are sex dolls worth it ?

Those people who say “Yes ” :

I think its awesome to buy a tpe silicone sex doll. I am 40 but I am not married or even have a girlfriend. It may be because I am short that no girl likes me. I searched the Internet and bought a sex doll according to my love. When I received it, I was surprised because she was so realistic and amazing ! I carefully moved her to my room, dressed her up, put on all my favorite pajamas and underwear, she was crazy sexy. Because of this sex doll, I can enjoy sex and no longer have to endure loneliness. This is the most worthwhile item I have bought.

– Bowie 

I am a big fan of sex dolls. I am too busy at work and have no time to date a woman, however I have sexual needs. So I bought a tpe sex doll. When I want to have sex, I will move her out, clean it up and put it away when I finished sex . The whole sex process can be based on my own hobbies. No inquiry or communication is required. This is the best .

– Zayd 
porno sex doll
porno sex doll

I am 65 years old . My wife died two years ago and my children are not living with me. So I decided to buy a doll, she can accompany me all the day, I will not feel alone. Sex doll not just for sex , she looks like a real person, so you can treat her as a companion . She will listen to you carefully and be pateint , the most important is she will always be with you. She’s really good for me .

– Nickolas 

Of course it is good to buy dolls! The hookers near me costs 200$~300$ an hour. If you need sexier or better figure , the fee will be more than 500$ ! buy a tpe doll just from only USD$400 or less , a better one is about 1000, and you can have sex with her without time limit, and no worries of sex disease ! There is definitely ” YES ” to buy a sex doll .

– Aron 
sexual doll

Those people who say ” No ” :

The price of tpe or silicone sex doll is very expensive, usually around USD$600~1000, which is quit high price for me. If it is just to solve sexual needs, I think I prefer to inflatable dolls or aircraft cups which are more cost-effective.

– Emery

See Youou sex toy collection .

Silicone doll is large , I need enough space to store her.

– Byron 

If you have same problem of storaging a sex doll ,you can see some tips of how to store your sex dolls.

Well , you have to know that tpe doll is too heavy,crazy heavy ! I think her weight is no different from a real person. Although she is so realistic, but I need to spend a lot of effort to move her to my bed, assemble the head and get a sex pose. After this series of actions , I feel I do not eager to having sex because I am so tired .

– Jakob 

Yes tpe sex doll is good, but she needs maintenance and cleaning frequently. Not only washing her vagina or other used areas with water after each use, you need to use baby oil or talcum powder to keep her dry and clean. Besides, you need to clean the whole doll every 2 to 4 weeks. You should store it well, otherwise her skin will be covered with dirt and it will be more difficult to clean.

– Gary 

Here is a guide for you to take care or clean your sex doll .

Now its your turn. What about you ? Do you think silicone sex dolls are worth buying? Tell us your ideas or share it with your friends to discuss it together.