How good is a sex doll?

How good is a sex doll ?

How good is a sex doll?

With Sex dolls, you don’t have to worry about STD’s, or Pregnancy.

No need for Condoms either. You don’t have to use any lube. You can just go in it raw. It won’t feel any pain during sex.

Also you get to decide what sex position you want to be in, and your choice of the sex act. You don’t have to feel grossed out because it has no bodily functions. No need for warm ups or foreplay as well, you can penetrate it when you feel like it. Anytime you’re ready. It’s holes should stay tight and won’t loosen up easily.

No complaining if you ejaculate too fast. You can go fast or slow whenever you please.

Overall it doesn’t come with other flaws too like infidelity, Age, rape accusations, leaving you, or paternity issues.

Things they cannot do is give kisses, fellatio, and handjobs. Other than that they’re good, but can be really expensive on the other hand. Using it is free though.

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