How long does a sex doll last?

Just like you and other human beings on earth, sex dolls also have death, specifically when their functions as sexual partners and companions could no longer satisfy their users. But unlike the real human partners, the so-called death of sex dolls due to impotency, ineffectiveness, and usage damage can be actually prevented, only if the user would allow so. Your sex doll that gives you ultimate satisfaction can actually stay with you for years, more than a score, or even a century provided that they will be given enough care and maintenance. It’s a reality that purchasing a sex doll doesn’t end in buying one.If you really want them to be your lifetime companion, you should also do your part in treating the way they serve. Don’t just leave them behind after a satisfying night. Offer them tender, love, and care just like what they unconditionally give you.

Do you want some tips on how you can maintain your sex dolls and its functionality? Here are some you should try considering now.

Lubricant is the key

For sure, you really like a very-narrow penetration whenever you are making love. A fresh Rendevous is what most men like to gratify their personal urges. So if you’re one of those people who have this sexual fantasy, you should start using lube whenever you’re banging your sex dolls. Believe me, it’s going to help a lot in maintaining their vaginal size you really love.

Hang Them Nude

If you’re planning to store your sex doll for a while, make sure that it’s not enwrapped in very tight clothes. It would be much better if you would put them in the stock room with nothing is worn on. In this way, discoloration that may ruin the skin tone of your sex doll will be certainly prevented.

Consider Her Hair As Her Crowning Glory

Sometimes, the hair of your sex doll gets contaminated with your sex fluid when the intercourse got so wild. So when you notice that her hair feels and smells dirty, wash them straight away. In this way, you can prevent your sex doll from getting contaminated by dangerous microbes that may harm you later on. It’s advisable to wash the hair with shampoo and rinse it with water, just like what you do with your hair. Make sure that it’s completely dried up before using it or storing it .

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