How much does a sex doll cost?

How much does a sex doll cost ?

Many people are attracted by sex dolls. But as the first gap for many people to think about whether a doll is worth buying, probably is the doll price. We will show you some love doll types basing on different budgets, after that you may know what sex doll/sex toy you should buy and how much does each sex doll cost.

If your cost is under USD$300, you can consider buying blow up sex dolls or male masturbates.

  • Blow-up sex doll

Blow Up Doll is also called Inflatable doll, which is a kind of adult sex toy. After inflating, it is close to the appearance and size of a real person, and generally has a simulated vagina or penis that can be used for sex.

Inflatable dolls are inexpensive because of their simple structure. They usually cost about tens of dollars on Amazon. You don’t need to buy expensive inflatable dolls because you can consider purchasing more realistic TPE adult dolls with built-in metal structures, which have a better experience.

How much does a sex doll cost
  • Male masturbates

Male masturbates are your best choice when you have a limited budget .

In addition to its cheap price, it is also convenient to store. If you have a limited budget or do not have high requirements for sexual experience, we recommend that you buy them. Here are some hot sale models for options :

1, Oral Sex Vagina Pocket Cup USD$29.99

How much does a sex doll cost

This one uses a double-sided design, one side is a shape of female vagina, and the other side is a mouth shape. That means you will have two different experiences that owning this sex toy. Besides, TPE materials bring more real feeling and comfortable experience. It only needs $29,99 and the price is very cheap.

2, Life Size Realistic Ass Butt USD$69.99

This ass butt is so real and you will get more pleasure when you are having sex . Made by TPE silicone and which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft!

3 , Realistic Vagina Pussy Torsos USD$39.99-79.99

Although they are small, they have female physical characteristics. If you want a very small male masturbaters sex toy torso with female organs, then don’t miss them. Similarly, the material is made of TPE, which is more realistic to use.

Budget from USD$301 to USD$2000, please choose a TPE sex doll.

TPE dolls generally have a beautiful more realistic look when compared to silicon-based dolls.

The advantage of TPE love doll is that they are cheaper than the silicone dolls even though the material is more realistic. TPE materials can be recyclable. It is also very hypoallergenic, and it will not cause any allergic reactions.

Besides, TPE sex dolls always come with a metal skeleton with various joints. Most of the joints are flexible allowing you to change the position of your doll based on your desire. There are screw-fixing holes within the joints and legs.

We are a sex doll manufacturer and we can offer you good quality & competitive price adult dolls .

1,Lilith : Piper Sex Soll USD$759

How much does a sex doll cost
  • Piper Sex Doll
  • 158cm 62.20in F Cup
  • Medical Silicone TPE
  • 3 Entries Of Penetration

2, Annalise : TPE Silicone Love Doll USD$759

TPE Silicone Love Doll
Tpe Silicone Love Doll
  • Silicone love doll
  • 158cm 62.20in F Cup
  • Medical Silicone TPE
  • 3 Entries Of Penetration

3, Isabella : School Girl Sex Doll USD$679

How much does a sex doll cost
School Girl Sex Doll
  • School Girl Sex Doll
  • 136cm 4.46ft E cup
  • Medical Silicone TPE
  • 3 Entries Of Penetration

4, Norah : TPE Silicone Real Doll USD$629

TPE Silicone Real Doll
  • Silicone Real Doll
  • 136cm 4.46ft E cup
  • Medical Silicone TPE
  • 3 Entries Of Penetration

We have some small sized mini tpe dolls too . Please kindly visit our mini sex dolls if you like .

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No budget limited and just want a real love doll, then silicone sex doll is your best choice.

Silicone sex dolls not only have a skin-like feel, but also can offer a wide range of options for the look. In most cases, they have metal skeletons and removable facial features, you can change their expressions as well as their bodily arrangement.

The silicone material is much easier to clean since it is not as sticky as Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is more expensive, normally a silicone doll is about USD$3000 to USD$20000.But it also more resistant to heat, stains, and water. We would still not recommend the use of alcohol for sterilization, but rather softer cleaning tools. Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal cavity, When you touch a silicone doll – it feels like it is very hard, way harder than TPE material. The butt and breasts will not wobble when you rock them back in fourth.

Some clients said I do want a real love doll head but softer doll vaginal and anal ,do you have any options ?

Sure ,we recommend you can buy a tpe doll body with a silicone doll head ,and it also much cheaper than a full body silicone doll ,like our Habo ,she only need USD$1399 .

Cheap Silicone Sex Doll

Sex Doll Robot – Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Will we live to see robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence? Sure ! Love doll technology is at a point where the top of the line dolls can already provide a physical experience that is 90% like the real thing. Once we can add an emotional component to dolls, this industry will explode. There is going to be a huge market for virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the pornography and sex industry.

The famous sex doll robot manufacturer is RealDoll . In 2017 or earlier, they have integrated sex robots into a lot of performance and emotions, making the smart doll industry a major leap forward. The price of their realdollX is from USD$7999.

RealDoll’s first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley | Computer Love

Artificial intelligence robot sex dolls are capable of voice conversations. Coupled with a realistic appearance, it looks undoubtedly a real person.

Youou also has smart dolls and price is only USD$1699. Youou smart sex doll model refers to the addition of app control functions (available for ios and Android) under the existing functions of the basic doll, which can be heated, sounded, activated with audible contacts, voice replacement (currently only Chinese , Other languages are under development) to make your doll more intelligent and real.

Now we believe you know how much does a sex doll cost, and you can buy a dream sex doll /sex toy basing on your budget.