Authoritative Guide: How to purchase orders from Yououdoll ?

Nowadays some new clients will have payment problems: Do you have a payment plan ? What payment terms are acceptable? How to buy sex dolls or sex toys from you?

This is the authoritative guide to know how to purchase sex dolls or sex toys from Yououdoll. After reading this guide you may easier to buy sex dolls or sex toys from us.

1, Choose your sex doll

We have more than 100 sex doll models for options at a competitive price, you can easier find your dream sex dolls during our different doll collections. When you find her,you will come to the sex doll information page (we use Aaliyah for example ) :

You will see there are four custom options: Eye color , Skin color , Standing types, and Vagina type .

  • Eye Color :

As you can see that we have 5 styles : Black ,Blue ,Blown ,Green and Red . You can click the color you want and it will not cost any extra fee .

See a sex doll video of changing sex doll eye color .

Tips : For Blue , Green and Red eye color, we may ship from our China warehouse directly .

  • Skin Color

For options that can be chosen : Black sex doll skin color , Nature sex doll skin color , Tan love doll skin color, and wheat doll skin color . Also no matter which color you like , we will not charge any extra fee . However some skin color are not in stock all the time ,so once the color you need is not available ,we will produce it from our China manufacturer and ship from China directly . So if you only need dolls ship from our US or EU warehouse ,please kindly ask us if they are in stock .

See a sex doll video of different skin color sex dolls .

Tips : Nature and Tan are the most popular sex doll skin colors and they are always in stock .

  • Standing Type

We have no-standing and standing types of sex doll feet for you. The difference between them is standing type sex doll has some screws on her bottom of foot so that you can fix it and develop more sex positions . But it does not mean no-standing type sex doll can not stand up ,it just does not the same stable as standing type sex doll because of the weight .

Tips : We will need USD$100 extra fee for standing type sex doll .

  • Vagina Type

Regular and Removable types . Removable means part can take it out .Some clients may think the doll’s weight is a bit heavy for washing . And if you buy a removable type sex doll ,the vagina part can be taken out .You can just wash the vagina part and no need to bring a whole sex doll to go bathing .

Tips : We will need USD$100 extra fee for a removable type sex doll ,and will ship you three pcs of the removable part for replacing.

After these 4 custom options then you will see this photo :

Some clients may ask : why the same doll will have price difference ? When should I pay $729 or $829 ?

Well as we said we will not charge any extra fee for different sex doll eye colors or skin colors but need USD$100 extra fee for the standing type or removable vagina type .

For example , like Aaliyah , no matter which eye color or skin color you choose ,if you need no-standing type or regular vagina type ,then the price will be $729 . Otherwise, if you choose standing type or removable vagina type , the price will be changed .

USD$729 -> Any eye colors + any skin colors + no-standing type + regular vagina type

USD$829 -> Any eye colors + any skin colors + standing type + regular vagina type

USD$829 -> Any eye colors + any skin colors + no-standing type + removable vagina type

USD$929 -> Any eye colors + any skin colors + standing type + removable vagina type

Same for other sex doll models .

2, Add to cart

After you choose the custom needs you like ,then you will see two buttons : one is “ADD TO CART ” and the other button is ” Paypal buy now ” . What is the difference ?

By clicking ” paypal buy now ” button you will go to PayPal account logging page directly and you log in and pay dolls asap. But we do not suggest to do so.

Why ?

Because it does not has coupon code system on paypal log in page . You can see we have a 10% off coupon code there and if you want to use it ,the only way is go to “add to cart ” page .

sex doll order

When you are on the “add to cart ” page ,you will see these information :

  • Sex dolls or sex toys you are going to buy
  • Cart totals
  • Coupon code
  • Proceed to checkout button
  • Payment terms

Product you are going to buy

Please check the product information you need ,if you choose the wrong custom options ( eye color ,skin color ,standing type, and vagina type ) ,please go back to the product page to reset the right information .Once you buy it ,we will ship the product basing on your order custom needs .

Cart totals

Cart totals will show you the number of products you are going to buy ,and shipping cost .Please kindly know that most countries or areas we offer free shipping services in addition to the following regions or countries:

United States :

  • Puerto Rico
  • Hawaii
  •  Alaska


These regions and countries will need an extra shipping fee . USD$600 for a sex doll and USD$50 for sex toys. When you enter your address ,the shipping cost will auto attach in the cost .

Coupon Code

You can enter a coupon code you get from Yououdoll . After you did ,you will see the amount will be changed (Reduce coupon code discount amount )

sex doll order

3, Pay it

Then you can pay the products directly or go to our “checkout ” page .

Proceed to checkout

If you are our new client ,please take a little time to have an account .We will email you the new products or big sale events , and member discount coupon code frequently. Then you can get a better price when you buy sex dolls or sex toys from us next time.

On the left of the photo shows,you will see the billing information . Please kindly fill in all the information especially name ,address ,phone number, and email . We will need this information for shipping and if miss any of them ,we have to confirm it will you again and it may waist your shipping time .

Attention: We will not use your information for other uses, only for shipping information.

Finally let us go to payment . We have two payment terms : paypal or credit card .

Paypal :

sex doll order

When you click “Pay with PayPal now ” ,it will pop up a PayPal login page . If you have a Paypal account and you can log in and ask for a payment .Please kindly know that this is an official paypal login page and it’s 100% safe for your payment and PayPal account .

Pay with Debit or Credit Card

sex doll order

If you do not have a paypal account yet ,you can pay with your credit card directly .This is another payment term of paypal .You just need to enter your credit card information and personal information for shipping ,then you will pay the order successfully and no need a paypal account .

Tips : Please kindly know that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, please kindly contact us for a solution .

After then you have paid an sex toy or sex doll order successfully from us !

Once we get your payment ,we will check if the doll is in stock .

For in-stock model we will need 2 days for preparing and then ship your package from our US warehouse or EU warehouse. Normally you will get the package within a week .Once we ship it we will update you a tracking number by email.

If the product you need is out of stock ,we will email you for a solution .Please check your email offenly so that you will not miss any news from us .

We hope this guide will deal with all your purchase problems from Youou sex doll orders .If you still have other payment questions ,please kindly contact us for a help .