How To Buy Your Sex Doll Online ?

1, Choose Your Dream Sex Doll

How To Buy Your Sex Doll ?

How to buy a sex doll online ? Where can I buy a sex doll ? Youou offers many sex doll options ,no matter hot sale sex dolls or custom sex dolls ,you will get them easily . Besides,You can find your love dolls from our sex doll collections ,hurry up to choose your dream sex doll now .

2, Checkout & Payment

How To Buy Your Sex Doll ?

Please fill in your shopping details (your name, contact number and delivery address). So far we accept to pay with Paypal or credit card. For more details please see our official payment guide.

3, Order Confirmation

How To Buy Your Sex Doll ?

You will get a confirmation email, please review all the details your selected. Please make sure that order details, shipping details are correct.

4, Production

As usual we will only need 1 ~3 days to prepare your sex dolls .For custom sex doll order please kindly contact us for an estimated time.

5, Doll Is Ready

Normally your doll will be shipped within 48 hours after you pay it .Once we ship it you will get the tracking number in 2 days .

6, Doll Shipping

We have 3 warehouses (USA warehouse ,EU warehouse and CN warehouse ) to make sure you can get your love dolls faster .To make sure if your local warehouse has your dream doll in stock ,please kindly shop with our warehouse catalogs or contact us directly .

See our Shipping & Packaging page .

7, Delivered

Be careful when unboxing and be gentle with your doll. Enjoy your doll! Please give us a five-star review, thank you!

For more information of how to buy your sex doll at Yououdoll ,please kindly contact us .