How to take care of a sex doll?

For sex dolls, daily care is very important.By keeping your doll clean and well, you not only ensure your own health, but also extend the life of your sex doll! Youou is a manufacturer of sex dolls. After considering the process and raw materials, we have summarized some ways to care for sex dolls.

  1. Clean your doll:
    After using or touching body fluids, you should clean your sex doll.Use warm water and light soap when cleaning, which is, of course, basic.Note: do not allow the head of your doll to be separated from the body during cleaning.Use wet towels and warm water if not necessary.
  2. Nurse your doll
    After cleaning, dry the doll with a clean towel and let it hang for a while.Note: do not use a hair dryer!A hair dryer concentrates heat that can damage the doll’s skin and reduce its lifespan.After drying the doll, you can apply baby powder evenly to her skin, which helps remove residual moisture and keeps her skin nice and soft. 
    Use a warm, damp towel to remove makeup, then dry her face with a paper towel or dry cloth.It’s important to note that wigs should be washed individually with a gentle shampoo to allow them to dry naturally.If you use a hair dryer, you may damage your hair. 
    If you choose to buy your dolls at, our factory offers some cheap and affordable dolls.However, we still advise you to be careful when moving the doll to avoid any unnecessary bumps, scratches or drops. 
    When not in use, the doll should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and not too hot or cold. 
    Finally, do you have any better Suggestions for doll care?Leave us a message, we will test it and inform every customer!

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