Custom A Sex Doll

custom sex doll

We know many clients want to custom a sex doll . This is a step-by-step guide for you to know how to custom your silicone sex doll .

In this guide we will introduce how to custom your sex doll in 8 steps :

1, What is a sex doll ?

Sex doll is a sex toy, it is a life-size doll, mainly for masturbation, as well as companionship. These dolls not only have a skin-like feel, but also can offer a wide range of options for the look. In most cases, they have metal skeletons and facial features, you can change their expressions as well as their bodily arrangement.

You can get more sexual release through the doll. She will not refuse you any request, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. Usually every sex doll have 3 holes, including mouth, vagina and anus. No matter what posture you like, she can always satisfy you.

Dolls are also your best listeners. You can talk to her about all your thoughts and show her all your love. Not only she is a quiet companion, she can also have a body temperature and make a sound. In addition to the basic doll functions, our smart doll also has heating function and voice function. You only need to upload the recording or sound you want to listen to on our smart doll app ( ios or android ), she will become a companion with temperature and tell you what you want to hear. For more information on Youou smart dolls, please contact us.

2, Why should I custom a sex doll ?

Many people have specific requirements for their sex dolls, and existing doll models do not meet him well. Not only the doll’s shape or vaginal depth, but some customers have requirements on the doll’s face or appearance. Besides, some customers also need to be able to make sounds or even dolls with body temperature, which can be controlled by the app.

When the existing dolls cannot be satisfied, more and more customers want to customize their own sex dolls.

3, Why should I choose Youou to custom my tpe & silicone sex doll ?

At Youou , we can perfectly help you customize your sex doll. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of sex dolls. Over 8 years experience of research and development team and mature doll making molds, we can make your ideal doll perfectly according to your needs. Professional staffs will offer feasible solutions based on the data you provided . Each step of your sex doll production process will clearly feed you back, at the same time you will know which production stage your doll is in.

There will be no complicated communication and long waiting here. Facing and communicating to the doll manufacturer directly, the difference between middlemen can also be avoided.

4, What kind of sex doll can I custom ?

At Youou ,We accept 3 types of sex doll customization. These three types include: Normal Sex Doll, Moaning Sex Doll and Smart Sex Doll.

At this stage, we only accept TPE sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls are still under development and will be updated and launched in the future.

Normal sex doll customization is the most common plan. We provide three kinds of customized solutions for dolls:

  1. you can freely combine your ideal doll through the shape and head shape of our existing dolls .
  2. customize the head of your doll with our existing doll shapes .
  3. Full custom doll.

Combine your dolls plan :

a photo of custom tpe sex dolls
a photo of custom tpe sex dolls

Free combination of our existing doll shapes and head shapes to customize your dream doll is the fastest and most convenient customization solution. You can contact us for a quote by browsing our doll’s head shape and profile information page. Once the order is confirmed, we will produce and ship your doll within two weeks.

Custom sex doll head + existing doll shape plan :

Using our existing doll shape, custom doll head is the most economical doll customization solution. This solution is the best choice for those customers who only have requirements on the doll’s head shape and face shape, but not on the body. The customized doll head and the existing doll body can be combined into a beautiful customized doll. Besides, only customizing the doll’s head will greatly reduce the production time of the doll, and the customization cost will be greatly reduced.

Fully customized doll plan :

This customized solution is suitable for customers who have high requirements for all aspects of custom doll data. We can accept fully customized doll orders, but we do not accept unauthorized, agreed doll orders. At the same time, our company is not responsible for all legal liabilities arising from custom dolls. Please contact us for details.

  • Moaning Sex Doll

Youou custom moaning sex doll is to add two moaning vocal parts to the basic doll. She will moan automatically when you start using the doll. If you want to customize your moaning sex doll or want to know more about specific cost and information, please contact us.

Youou smart sex doll model refers to the addition of app control functions (available for ios and Android) under the existing functions of the basic doll, which can be heated, sounded, activated with audible contacts, voice replacement (currently only Chinese , Other languages are under development) to make your doll more intelligent and real. If you want to customize smart dolls or want to know more about specific cost and information, please contact us.

5,How to build your own sex doll ?

For combo type custom tpe & silicone sex doll, please kindly check out our existing doll shapes and head shapes page and contact us for a quote. For semi-custom (only customized head shape) or full-custom (full-body customized) sex dolls, please contact us directly for more information.

6,How much does a sex doll cost ?

We will calculate the overall cost based on your custom doll requirements and plan. For combination dolls with existing doll shapes and head shapes, the price is usually USD$399-USD$1299. For semi-custom dolls and full-custom dolls, please contact us directly for a quote.

7,How long can I get my custom sex doll ?

Generally, after confirming the data and information of your customized doll , we will have a mold opening time of 10-20 days. When the mold is completed, we will first make a model and wait for your approval. After that we will produce a final sex doll (head) and send it to you. From confirmation model to final doll production, this time will take 10-20 days.

Please kindly know that we respect your privacy very much. There is no information about the product on the surface of your doll’s outer packaging.We have always done a very good job in protecting customer privacy.

8,How to store sex doll ?

Many customers have questions about how to store sex dolls. Please kindly know that our doll packaging is a very thick environmentally friendly cardboard box. When you receive your Youou sex doll, please don’t throw away the packaging . After using and cleaning the doll, you can store the doll in our cardboard box and put it in a cool place. It is good way to storage your doll.

Besides,you can also store your doll in a large storage box or bag. Please note that your doll skin is easy to stain or scratch. Please keep the storage box or bag clean during storage. It is good way to use our sponges or cushion the packaging materials to store . This is more conducive to the doll’s save and extend life.

This is the definitive guide of how to custom your tpe & silicone sex doll at Youou . If you have any other questions ,please kindly contact us .