How to store your sex doll ?

How to store your sex doll ? Many people will consider how to hide a sex doll before they buy it . In the guide, we have 9 tips to tell you how to do sex doll storage easier and safer.

how to store your sex doll ? 9 tips to tell you have to hide your sex doll

Why you need to store your sex doll ?

1 ,Involving personal privacy

Sex has always been a private topic. Whether it is a sex doll or a sex toy, it is a good tool for enjoying sex. In addition, these real sex dolls usually have a realistic appearance and body, so many people not only treat her as a sex toy, but also a kind of companion ( like these stories : Sex dolls and their owners ; My sex doll is so much better than my real wife ). You can talk to her, watch TV in the living room. Sleep with her, even eat together.

Although sex doll has been gradually accepted by some people, there are still many people who can’t understand sex dolls, thinking that she is just a sex toy, and will even gaze you a different vision. So even if we like sex dolls, we still need to hide her away to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

2,Not occupying a place

Normally a mini tpe doll has a height of 100 cm and 28.22 lbs weight, and an adult sex doll has a minimum height of 140 cm and 65 lbs weight. If you put it directly in a room or bed, you will find that they occupy a lot of space. After storing her, it will make space look more spacious。

3,Keep it clean and easy to maintain

Although tpe doll looks real and soft enough to have a good sex experience , she still has a disadvantage that she is relatively easy to get dirty. Once accidentally dyed , it may be difficult to clean (want to know how to care and clean the doll, please see our doll care guide). So in order to better keep our sex dolls clean, we need to store our love dolls, so that we can maintain them a good look more easily and conveniently.

4,Not easy to break, cracked skin, etc.

Putting the sex dolls away is not just for cleaning , it also protects them. Another problem with the tpe doll is that if the appearance has been very dry, it will easily crack. Of course, we can solve this problem perfectly with baby powder or baby oil (please see our sex doll care guide for details)

To sum up these four reasons, we will find it necessary to store your sex dolls. So How should we store our sex dolls? The following 9 tips are always suitable for you.

Where you can store your sex doll ?

1, Storage Box

how to store sex doll ? You can use a large storage box to hide it

Large storage boxes are a very good choice. Both online stores and local stores will have a variety of large storage boxes, their sizes and materials are different, such as rattan, wood, plastic, etc.. You can choose a large storage box of different sizes and materials according to your budget and the size of the doll .

2, Under your bed

how to store sex doll ? You can hide it under your bed

In most cases, spare which under the bed is the least likely to be flipped by someone else. As such a personal item of privacy, sex dolls are a very good choice to be stored under your bed. And it is also convenient for us to take it if its under the bed. However, because the doll or the storage box has a height, you need to measure whether the size of your under bed has enough space to store it.

3, Another spare room

If your home have extra room , you can also store the doll in it. But make sure that this room is left unused for a long time or that there is enough space for storage, otherwise it will be easily found by others, which may cause embarrassing situations.


Although the closet has a small space, you can’t find a place to store your doll, you may try to put her in the closet. If your wardrobe is wide enough, you can let your doll sit or even lie in it; if it is tall enough, let it stand. Be careful not to store it with some clothes that are easily dyed, otherwise it may stain your doll.


Garage is also a good place to hide your sex doll . And if your garage is large enough, you can buy a storage box or package carton box to store it . But this storage way suit for someone who do not offen use the doll . Because as we all know sex dolls are heavy and large in size, as usual our garage is far away from the room, so it may not be not convenient if it is moved frequently.

6,Chrismas tree storage bag

Storage bags for Christmas trees generally have a lot of space and they are cheap, which is very suitable for the storage of sex dolls. We can buy a large storage bag of this type and store the doll. It also has a design with wheels, which allows you to move the doll easily . However, it should be noted that this kind of bag is generally dark in color, and it is necessary to avoid direct touch with the doll, otherwise our doll may be dyed. You can take a large transparent bag (usually packed after you buy the doll from store) and wrap the doll, and then put it in the bag.

7, Hang it in the room

how to store sex doll ? You can use a sex doll hock to hang it

You will find that the sex doll factories that produce dolls generally store them in this way. Why? Because it is hung vertically, it can less touch with other places as possible, just sprinkle talcum powder and put it in a cool and dry place, the doll can be stored a long time. This is the best preservation method. If there are any places in your house where you can hang dolls, you can try it. But it’s best to hang it indoors, otherwise people will see it when passing by.

8,Storage sofa

Do you have this kind of storage sofa in your house? If so, you can put the doll in it. It is both a sofa and a storage box. It is convenient to take out the dolls and store them in it, without occupying space. However, the storage box size of this type of sofa is generally not such large to hide your sex doll, you should measure whether it can be installed before storage.

9,Large carton box

Large package carton boxes can also store your dolls, and it is also very convenient to buy. You only need to know the length and width of your doll and choose a carton that can hold it, it will become easy and convenient to store it. However, you should pay attention to find some boxes with better quality and thicker paper, and keep them dry always (do not put the sex doll in the bath after the shower, the paper will easily soften when it encounters water, and it will be damaged sooner).

All in all ,these are 9 tips to advise you how to store your doll. I hope you can find a suitable way to hide your sex doll.

Now it’s your turn. Do you know any other sex doll storage ways ? We love to hear about your sharing.