How to use sex doll

how to use a sex doll

How to use sex doll ?

Do you know how to use sex doll ?

Many people are interested in sex dolls when they see various kinds of love dolls promotion or videos. They have a real appearance, sexy body and comfortable sex feeling experience. If you haven’t met your dream woman in real life, you can choose the type you like from among the many real sex dolls. Customize her height, bra cup, skin color, hairstyle, eyes, and even the color and type of private parts. Wow, this already sounds very exciting.

When many people are wondering whether it is worth buying an adult doll, they also want to know how to use it. After all, she is not a real person. We don’t know much about her body structure, how to use it, etc. This makes many people consider it’s worth to buy a sex doll.

In this article we will show you how to use your doll in four steps and some tips for better enjoy your sex dolls.

Types of sex doll

According to the material of love doll, there are tpe sex doll and silicone sex doll . Many people don’t know what is the difference between tpe dolls and silicone dolls. Please check the table below, which clearly shows the differences between them.

TPE MaterialSilicone Material
Difference1,TPE sex dolls have good elasticity
2,TPE is a hypoallergenic substance
3,TPE materials are cheaper
1,Silicone is a heat-resistant material
2,The silicone material is strong
3,The non-porous nature of silicone

In addition to the distinction of materials, there is a choice of normal love doll and intelligent smart love doll. A smart doll means that it has built-in heating and vocalization functions. We control its body temperature and vocalization resources through a mobile app to let it more realistic.

We have smart dolls for options. You can learn about and choose your favorite smart dolls through our smart sex doll collection.

1,How to use

When you buy a doll but don’t know how to start using it, you can follow these 3 steps to enjoy your doll.

1,Install your doll

Whether you have just bought a sex doll or have already used it before, you need to assemble and dress her before having sex with her. Dolls will have a slight smell when you just get the package, so we recommend that you put them in a cool and ventilated place for two days and wait for the smell to dissipate before you start using them.

Installing a love doll is actually very simple. It is split into two parts: Doll head and doll body. You can see that the doll head and neck are connected by screws. Just connect their screws and tighten them in a clockwise direction, and you can combine them into one love doll. Besides, you can put on beautiful clothes and wigs for her according to your preferences, even a sexy pose you like, then our doll is ready.

Still don’t understand how to install the doll? Maybe this sex doll installation video can help you .

2,Choose the place you like

Alright, you can have a date with your tpe doll in different places at home. It can be a sofa in the living room, a kitchen, your bedroom, or even a bathtub. Adult doll is very quiet, and she is willing to cooperate with you to enjoy sex in different places. You can even dress up the scene you are about to choose so that you and she will have an unforgettable sex experience.

Tips : Playing some music or movies will makes you more enjoyable.

3,Choose the pose you like

Real sex partners maybe not cooperate with your favorite sex positions. They usually choose positions that can make them feel more comfortable and pleasant. But these may not be what you want. At the same time, real person partners may not be able to do some difficult postures. Dolls can perfectly solve this problem. They meet all your needs unconditionally and will not complain about anything.

Besides, if you are using with your couple together, the love doll can unlock more poses.

By the way, Pornhub as the biggest porn videos website and you can find lots of people who having sex with a love doll . You can get more ideas from how to having sex with your doll .

Then, please enjoy this sex journey with your dream doll.

Cleaning and maintenance after use

After use, don’t forget the cleaning and maintenance of your doll. We have specialized cleaning and maintenance knowledge so that you clearly know how to clean your doll. In addition, we have a detailed video of how to clean the doll for your reference, please see our collection of sex doll videos. If you have other questions, please contact us for help.

Sex Doll Storage

When you finish washing your love doll, please remember to dry her body, and then evenly apply talcum powder to keep her body dry. Want to know how to better store your dolls? please check our guide to store dolls.

Now we believe you know how to use your sex doll. Hurry up to enjoy different sex with your doll now.