Sex Doll Questions & Answers

  • Are You A Sex Doll Manufacturer ?

Yes ,we are sex doll manufacturer and most of our love dolls are produced by ourselves .

  • How Many Love Doll Brands Are You Selling ?

We have a cooperation with other famous Chinese sex love doll brands so that you can get Youou doll and other brand dolls from our online shop . Our WM Dolls are made by Jinsan Factory, the authentic manufacturer. Please kindly know once you purchase other brand dolls from us ,we will only pay the order to the doll factory and they will send your doll directly , so it is 100% real brand doll .

  • How Many Sex Doll Vagina Depths Do You Have ?

We have 3 vagina depths for options .Mini sex doll( 100cm 3ft2) |’s vagina depth is 12~14 cm , adult sex doll has 2 choices : 140cm – 157cm ( 4ft7 – 5ft2) love doll’s vagina is 15-17cm; above 158cm |5ft 2 love doll ‘s vagina depth is 17 -18.5cm .

  • How Fast Can I Get My Sex Dolls ?

We have 3 warehouses to ensure you can get your love doll safer and sooner . You can shop by your local warehouse catalog to see if your dream doll is in stock . Or if you are not sure about it ,please kindly contact us .

WarehouseCountry / AreaForwarderShipping Time
Ship from ChinaUnited StatesFedex3~10 business days
OthersUPS5 ~ 15 business days
Ship from USUS only1~ 5 business days
Ship from EUEU only 1 ~ 5 business days
  • How To Clean Your Sex Dolls ?

We recommend cleaning your sex doll directly after every use and dolls should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks as a minimum (Regardless of usage).

how to clean a sex doll

Use clean tepid water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands (Just like you would clean a real person.)You can shower or bathe your doll.

Be sure not to allow the neck getting water inside. This is to prevent the inside part and keep your Youou doll reliable .

Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.

For more details please visit our sex dolls coating and care page .

  • How To Install My Sex Dolls When I Receive The Package ?

We have a video to show you how to install it ,please kindly go to our sex doll videos page .

  • Can I Custom My Sex Dolls ( how to make your own sex doll )?

Sure ! We offer many sex dolls for you to custom your love dolls easier . Check our custom sex doll page to see more information .

Besides if you want to custom your sex dolls with all your datas , please kindly contact us for help .