Sex Doll Care Guide

Before I talk about how to take care of tpe sex dolls, I would like to discuss with you the real problem of buying dolls, “how to hide the dolls”.

Many friends will encounter opposition from family members when buying dolls, or have a strong desire to buy, but the living environment is not allowed, at this time I will have the idea of how to hide the doll I bought. 

Here I want to tell you in a fair way, if you have to hide the doll after you buy it, it may be “hard to hide”. It’s better to think carefully, because forcibly hiding a doll may cause the doll unable to be placed well as well as increase the probability of damage. Moreover, it’s a very pleasant thing to interact with the doll.

If you need to hide, it is undoubtedly a psychological burden. Of course, we can find some storage furniture with covering effect on the market, such as a storage sofa or a simple wardrobe, but please evaluate whether it is useful.

It is recommended that communicate with your family or see if there is storage space before buying, otherwise, it will be a very troublesome thing. Well, let’s get into today’s topic.

TPE Sex Doll Care

1.How to clean the doll?

tpe sex doll care

a. General cleaning: If the doll accidentally gets stains or dust, you can try to wipe with a wet towel and shower gel. If the dirty scope of the doll is relatively large, you can also consider taking the doll to take a bath.  Normal water temperature dolls are acceptable, but TPE dolls are more sensitive to temperature, remember not to use water with a temperature exceeding 70℃, otherwise The TPE material may be deformed! This is irreversible! Everyone must pay attention.

b. Clean after use: Generally, dolls are divided into removable vagina and fixed vagina. This kind of removable vagina is easy to clean, after use, pop it out and wash it separately. If it is fixed, then the doll should be lifted into the bathroom for cleaning. No matter which cleaning method it is, remember to dry gently with a towel after cleaning. Finally, after ensuring the sex doll is completely dry, remember to apply talcum powder to keep the skin at its optimal touch.

2. How to maintain?

The body of the doll will have continuous and chronic oil outflow. The oil outflow will be different due to the different material of the doll. Generally, the oil outflow of the silicone doll is relatively slight, while the oil outflow of the TPE doll is more obvious. The oil outflow of doll will lead to poor touch and easy to get dusty and hair, so in order to ensure the smooth and soft touch of the doll, regular maintenance is particularly important. The maintenance method is to apply powder. Here, I still recommend the talcum powder. When you apply the powder, pat it on the doll, and then apply it evenly with your hand.

3. What should I do if it is dyed?

Due to the material characteristics of TPE, it is easy to absorb some dark pigments and cause dyeing. When you wear dark clothes for the doll or place the doll on a dark sofa, you will find that the body of the doll produces black stains and cannot be removed, it is dyeing. At this time, you need to buy a detergent, apply a thin layer on the dyeing place and leave it for a period of time. Usually one night, you will find that the dyed part is lightened or completely removed. It is recommended that before you wearing dark clothes for the doll, you need to soak the dark clothes repeatedly and wash until they no longer fade.

This is a detailed guide of tpe sex doll care . For more information of how to take care of your sex doll ,please kindly visit our Sex Doll Care & Coating post and sex doll videos .

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