Sex doll clothing tips

TPE Sex doll clothing is an important part of your doll’s personality!

It brings out her personality and keeps you always excited about enjoying time with her. So, be innovative and have different items of clothing for your sex doll so you can dress her differently from time to time. And picking the right size of clothes for your doll shouldn’t be a problem, especially for full-size models. However, if you have a mini doll or torso, you’ll have to know the measurements to ensure you get the right size. So, to help you have an idea of what to expect and how to go about dressing yours, here are a few clothing tips for you;

1. The Wig

Having a variety of alluring wigs can help you enjoy the different sides of your doll. Whether you want a short-haired, feisty look or a long-haired calm princess, the right wig will do that impeccably. Furthermore, you can buy multiple wigs when buying your doll to save a few dollars. Alternatively, you can buy them online to give your doll a new look once in a while.

sex doll wig
  • TPE Sex Doll Clothing

To add spice to his/her glamor, consider buying kinky costumes, fetish wear, cosplay(anime), and sex doll lingerie. This will help to transform her looks and, most importantly, get you in the right mood.

Life-size dolls are considerably easy to shop for because you can always go for real women’s clothes. Just understand your doll’s shape and body configuration and picking the ideal piece of clothing won’t be a problem.

For mini-dolls, pay attention to the measurements to ensure that you don’t end up with a stack of unwanted clothes.

We recommend having different costumes and fantasy wear options, so you can always switch it up. Trust me! It’s exciting.

Sex Doll Clothing

Below are some other tips you should notice:

Avoid dark clothing dyed with low-quality dyes that can stain her skin if worn for extended periods. We recommend that you go for light-colored options like pink and white. However, if you must get a dark or vibrant colored piece, make sure you wash it before dressing your sex doll.

Avoid storing her with the corsets and underwear bras on. Unlike the human skin, the material can lose shape if it’s strapped with very tights items of clothing. So, ensure that you remove these types of clothing as soon as you’re done with her.

Buy slightly smaller sizes of clothing so that it fits the doll perfectly. Tight sex doll outfits are sexy, exposing all the features that made you like her in the first place.

Buy different costumes and fantasy wear clothes and alternate them. Trust me! Switching up the sex doll costume helps you to remain excited about her.

If you’re not sure of his/her’s measurements, you can always buy a few inexpensive pieces of clothing to get an idea of what’s ideal. Once you’re sure about the size, you can now buy the ones you really like. This way, you’ll not spend too much money on the trial and error phase.

Safety pins come in handy, especially when the outfit looks too good to throw away. Pin the shirts and skirts that appear to be too big to create a stunning silhouette.

Stockings are always a great idea especially if you’re not finding her feet attractive.

  • Jewelry and Perfumes

Though not mandatory, you can get your doll a nice bracelet to complement her alluring look. However, make sure you only use products that don’t scratch or damage your doll. What’s more, take the jewelry off once you’re done. Never should you store her with the jewelry on.

For perfumes, it’s totally okay to adorn her with a perfume that gets you in the right mood. If there’s a certain scent that gets you off, we’re not here to restrict the fun in any way.

Important: Make sure your perfume or cologne choice doesn’t damage her skin. In fact, if you’d rather err on the safe side, apply the perfume on the sex doll’s clothes and never on the skin. Most of the colognes contain alcohol which may damage the doll’s material.

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