Sex Doll Care & Coating

Do you know how to clean a sex doll ? Here are some tips for you to better know how to take a good care of your sex doll .

Product Material

Edible grade medical silicone ,stainless steel, skeleton .Metal screws and connectors with fiber glass reinforced with plastic interior

Size Description

Doll height due the different measurement methods has 1-5cm differences error which is normal range .Please request customer service for video of installation ,repairing and skeleton activity ranges .Attached skeleton activity ranges sketch map .


Non-intelligent doll height above 100cm posses three cross intercourse function (Oral ,vaginal and anal sex.) Please wear condom and applying water-based or oil-based lubricant before use .

Cleaning and Care

Methods:washing water should be temperature under 40 ,soap or shower gel are prefer to use for cleaning the body . For stubborn stains ,please use make-up remover oil , or white oil recommended from manufacturer .


No water get in the Neck connector due may course rust inside ,affect appearance of the doll .The vagina cleansing device which provided with package could use from clean the vagina or anus repeatedly . Please do not use faucets flushing the vagina or anus directly .There is a waterproof ball in the vagina, fixed with a screw by glue ,excessive washing may damage the parts .If the screw accidentally fall off, please wait for the part to dry and glue it again. ( Attention : Gently put the doll in a ventilated place after cleaning for nature dry ,do not use dryer machine due the surface damage may course .)

Please do not perform large-scale cleaning of the face ,if there is stains on the face ,use make-up remover oil or white oil with cotton swab to clean stains gently .It is prohibited to disinfect and clean with strong irritant liquid such as disinfectant and alcohol .

Nursing : You can bath the doll average every 10-20 days .Please apply baby powder after the bath to prevent the crack .( Note : customer s with allergy should be test before using the talcum powder ,cosmetics and other .) Long-term pressure side may have indentation, the pressure side up, it will recover after a few days .

how to clean a sex doll


Dolls could be put a variety of positions with restriction .However , it is forbidden to bending limbs ,sitting and other factory placed posture ,non-standing section of the prohibition of standing for an extended period of time. Standing section of the foot frame will be exposed to the skin outside the skin punctured . Please do not stretch the legs into 180-degree position ,please do not put both hands up . The doll should be restored as soon as possbible agter the appropriate posture.

As the nature of the silicone material stained easily,it should be prohibited to wear coarse ,easy to fade clothes ,cleaning cream can only handle minor staining ,and large area stain is difficult to remove completely .When wearing a wig ,try to choose white or light-colored mask is better .

For more details of how to clean a sex doll , See our sex doll care videos .