Sex dolls and their owners

Here is a sex doll story about sex dolls and their owners.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Copenhagen photojournalist Benita Marcussen recently released a set of photos of sex dolls and their owners, which truly reflects the inner world of these doll lovers. Benita Marcussen spent a year building trust with these doll owners, they spent a lot of money and energy for these dolls. For some people, dolls are their only partners. They may have their own special hobbies, or suffer the grief of widowing and divorce. Others naturally integrate these dolls into their social circles and don’t care about other people’s views. The picture shows Everard carefully taking his doll Faina down the stairs.

having sex with a sex doll

The picture shows the man who changed his name to Nescio50 and his sex doll Lily. He chose not to appear in the photo because his way of life put him under great pressure. He said that his mother wanted him to choose a real girlfriend. He has never been in love with a girl, he feels that his sex doll makes him very happy.

having sex with a sex doll

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took away his daughter. In the years since, Chris has been unable to contact them. He looked around on social networks and finally found his daughter and reunited with her. But after the incident of his ex-wife, he could no longer establish a relationship with women. The injured Chris now has two sex doll, one is Lala Salama (Swahili, meaning sweet dream) (left), and the other is Sharon (right).

These tpe sex dolls are expensive, with a minimum of $ 1,000, and high-end customized products cost as high as $33,000. In order to buy the doll Jessica, Phil quit smoking for a year. He said that he knew Jessica was just a toy, and his family and friends knew her, but he didn’t care what other people thought.

In order to avoid negative comments, the man named Baron von Doll and his sex doll Tania chose to take a faceless photo. Like many enthusiasts, Baron von Doll keeps his dolls privately, so that no one else knows.

having sex with a sex doll

These valuable dolls are usually made of silicone. The material used to make their skin is generally very fragile PVC. The picture shows the doll Paula. Her owner Sam deliberately added a wristband to her wrists to prevent the skin from being damaged. The material was broken, and even so, the skin on her body was beginning to wear away.

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